What can I grow that will supplement my diet?

We are all responsible for how we treat the soil and the environment, to protect it for the future generations

Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and lignans, Flaxseed assists Grow more than Coffee in generating cellul ar energy. Recent research has shown that EFA’s also act as signals to the body’s key organs, such as the heart and liver.

Quinoa, the South American grain, is included in the formula for its high protein content and wide range of nutrients.

Organic fruits and vegetables
Bilberry Fruit, Apple and Carrot contribute to the formula’s nutrients and palatability.

Turmeric, a proven antioxidant, inhibits the degradation of essential fatty acids and contains a compound called Curcumin which is an all-round blood tonic.

Ginkgo Biloba
Derived from the world’s oldest living tree species, Ginkgo Biloba is a chosen constituent of Grow more than Coffee because of its flavonoid content and ability to assist circulation.

Kelp and Spirulina
These naturally harvested sea plants, offer a huge range of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace minerals.

Barley Grass
Barley Grass enhances the formula’s enzymal potential. In this way the assimilation of Grow more than Coffee by the body and subsequent uptake for cellular needs is strengthened.

As Grow more than Coffee promotes the production of growth factors as well as stable energy levels, the formula has avoided the use of sweeteners. Recent research has shown excessive generation of insulin is antipathetic to the body’s supply of growth hormones and creates peaks and troughs in energy.

The juggling of biochemical factors and assessment of correct ratios for Essential Food has yielded a synergy between the different ingredients that, in turn, makes the whole more nutritionally powerful than its individual parts. The result is a foodstuff, in powdered format, that furnishes a basis for dietary health for people of all ages. Grow more than Coffee can be mixed with juice, milk or in combination with your favourite ingredients in a blender. Try it and feel the difference!


Latest Food Tip

Protein pre-Sprouted Barley has an 11% protein content but, more importantly, the ratio of the eight essential amino acids within it virtually mirror that of the human body's. This means, in plain terms, a far easier and effective assimilation of essential protein.

Hundreds of millions of people have the desire to change their body or change the way they feel about their body every year. And hundreds of millions of people do something about it. Due to the increasingly harmful effects of the environment we have never had a greater need for sophisticated discoveries to help combat its damaging effects. So why not grow your own food at home!

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Organic recipes

Organic food comes from an agricultural system where the farmers and producers have chosen to produce high quality food in an environmentally and sustainable way. The seek to promote the health and well-being of soil, plants, animals, people and the world we live in. More and more people wish to eat organic food due to the concerns they have about non-organic production.

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Make your own sweets

We do not make the ingredients ourselves. It can be sourced it from a number of dedicated supplier, and these are indicated in the details of each product. The chocolate makers, or the individual brands be buy, are all certified organic. The chocolate sold is made using fine quality ingredients and with a real dedication to taste and flavour. Much of it comes from small businesses and family firms.

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The launch of Grow More Than Coffee heralds a new approach to total nutrition. GMTC formula is organic, the first of its kind, and contains nutrients in natural occurring formats. This, coupled with high bioavailability, makes for a food supplement that serves as a natural foundation for health but primarily as a formula for boosting energy levels. Read More